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Lightning damage at The Riviera Club

Hello all,
    I want to take a moment and inform everyone about the events of the past few days here at The Riviera Club. On Sunday, Aug. 4th at about 6:05 am we were struck by lightning. This event has caused a number of serious problems with the operation of our building.
    The first and most serious problem is the destruction of our fire panel. Multiple components of the panel have been burned out and need to be replaced. The detail that amplifies the problem is the fact that our panel is outdated, and the parts are no longer manufactured. Johnson Control, who monitors and maintains the panel, is contacting supply houses and distributors across the country searching for the parts. If they cannot find the parts, we will be forced to replace the panel, which would be a lengthy and costly undertaking. The panel being down means that the smoke detectors are not linked to the rest of the building and the emergency speakers in the units and the pull stations, at either end of the walkways are inoperable. Until the panel is repaired or replaced, we are under “fire watch” which consists of someone being here, walking around the building, watching for any sign of fire or any other emergency. I am doing the fire watch from early morning until early evening, and we have a few volunteers (John Behnke, John Baldo, and Tony Rogers) picking up the remaining hours. We could always use more volunteers to help with the overnight hours, so it won’t have to be the same people every night. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    The second problem is with the elevators. The lightning has burned out several control boards, as well as some other damage that TK is struggling to repair. As a result, we have partial use of one elevator. The call buttons do not work, and it can only be operated in “independent service” meaning that the elevator needs to manually operated with a key. We are operating it for people who need assistance; the elderly, people with disabilities, and people with luggage or groceries.
    The third problem was the internet. The lightning has cause damage with some of our internet equipment. The effected equipment has been replaced, and the internet has been restored to the units that are connected with the in-unit routers. The outside radio broadcasters in the walkways, near the elevators have been burned out and are no longer of any use. Also, the internet in the pool area is currently out until after the rewiring project, that is set to start on August 19th. Anyone who has had a router installed in their unit, connected to the building’s internet supply, may need to “cycle” their router when they arrive (unplug the router for a minute and plug it back in). If they continue to have a problem, they will need to contact Nick at Networks Now for further service. His number is 248-790-0030.

Michael Corradino
Riviera Club Condominium Association
7500 Estero Blvd.
Fort Myers Beach, FL. 33931